From G’s to Gents: Gees Whiz


Note: I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve also reviewed the second episode, From G to GQ.

(Episode 1) I must admit that I had my doubts concerning this show. I was afraid that it was a reality program cast in the image of VH1 shows, in other words a debacle. But this is MTV, if this network knows anything it’s reality programming. Also how can I deny myself the pleasure of watching a show hosted by Fonzworth Bentley (née Derek Watkins), who is for my money one of the nattiest gentlemen out there.

The episode starts off with a simple question: What is a G? The contestants have their own ideas of what constitutes G-dom, which includes wealth, swagger and attitude, but Mr. Bentley puts it best, “A G is someone who feels that being hard and being tough is a solution to all situations.” He expands on the concept of the show with these words, “It’s easy to be a G, being a gentleman takes a lot more effort.” With that in mind this is ultimately a program about self-improvement, and for the last G-turned-gentleman left standing, $100,000.

The first thing our potential gentleman do is a quick tour of The Gentleman’s Club mansion and then proceed to go to the bar and “pop some bottles.” In this sequence two contestants stand out, The Truth, who is all talk and no walk, and Pretty Ricky, who is pretty much the lush of the group.


The chapter room scene is pretty fantastic, the contestants get to make their introductions to Mr. Bentley, which is hilarious, and subsequently are presented with their club jackets. The most important part of this scene is the introduction of the ebony sphere or the black ball, each week the contestants will have a say as to which contestant goes by placing ebony spheres in their respective box. The contestants with the most votes will then be at the mercy of Fonzworth Bentley. I just found it hilarious that the black ball was introduced as an ebony sphere.

Needless to say there was plenty of drama in the ensuing portions of the episode. There’s already antagonism between The Truth and E6, and appropriately people are already trying to make alliances. It seems the lessons learned from Survivor are not lost on these Gs.


The most telling scenes are the face-to-face conversations that Mr. Bentley has with the contestants. It’s here that we’re introduced to the men behind the G persona that they’ve developed and the reason that they want to become gentlemen.

I won’t spoil the end of the episode, but I can say that the outcome is pretty obvious. So far my favorite Gs are Shotta and Creepa. I also like T-Jones, but his unibrow gives me the heebie-jeebies.

You can catch the full episode on MTV, and if you just want the results and Fonzworth Bentley’s opinion check out Fonzworth’s Swagger Assessment.
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  1. sxc

    I just saw the second episode, and I have to say: Cee is a jerk and Kesan needs to bounce!

  2. dapperalchemist

    I agree with you, but I seems that Kesan might need some help. I’ve also posted my review of the second episode.

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