From G’s to Gents: From G to GQ


(Episode 2) Well we’ve made it to the second episode and it was worth the wait. The goal of this show was to teach these Gs that a gentleman always dresses appropriately for every occasion, or as Zenel puts it, “Be fresh to death and look like a zillion bucks.”

This episode starts off with drama from the get go; frankly I don’t know how a person gets into drama first thing in the morning, but Kesan and D-Boy are already locking horns.

After these morning shenanigans the Gs are introduced to their house publication, The Daily Gent, which contains their itinerary for the day. I think it’s a nice way for them to prepare for the day’s challenges, however I would have chosen someone other than Zenel to read it.


The first stop on the Gs day of fashion is a short-course taught by celebrity stylist Marcellus Reynolds. His opinion on the role of fashion is quite astute; fashion is a form of nonverbal communication. Both Fonzworth and Marcellus have some strong opinions on sagging pants, Mr. Reynolds states, “The only time you should see a man’s underwear is when he’s about to get it on.” Mr. Bentley says it more succinctly, “Pull his ass down or pull his jeans up.” The Gs are then taught how to tie a tie, which as you know is a very important sartorial skill. The funniest moment comes when Fonzworth introduces the concept of the dimple aka the Wall Street cleavage. The Wall Street cleavage? I’m definitely adding that tidbit to the memory banks.

Now onto the challenge, the Gs have to put on a fashion show. They’re divided into three teams, led by Shaun, Cee and D-Boy, and they have to model three looks: one for the golf course, one for a charity function on a yacht, and one for a Dodgers game in a skybox. Let the hilarity ensue. Before I forget, they got Ozwald Boateng as one of the judges. I was pretty shocked, I haven’t heard much from Mr. Boateng but now I know what he’s been up to, celebrity judging. The fashion show is fantastic, sure there are a decent amount of fashion blunders but you have to applaud their effort. The winner of the challenge is Shaun’s team.


I have to say that this episode’s elimination was more interesting than the one from last week. There was beef, G-checking and comeuppance. I have to say that Cee is a diabolical genius, but I should also mention that Mikey P, and his ever-changing hair style, is the least G of the bunch. The man owns a car, a motorcycle and a four bedroom house; he doesn’t need to be on the show. Mr. Bentley’s judgement as to who should leave the house is once again obvious and sound.

You can catch the full episode on MTV’s Overdrive, and hear more from Mr. Bentley on his Swagger Assessment.


J-Boogie is under the impression that he has more style than Mr. Bentley.

Fonzworth’s opinion on snitches: “I don’t even like snitches, but I’ll listen to them though.”

Fonzworth’s Cosby-inspired sweater is hilarious and I hope he continues to wear it through out the series.
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