On Inspiration: Mad Men


With the second season of Mad Men coming up, three days and counting, I could write about Mad Men’s influence on style; but there are already plenty of pieces written on the subject, including a recent GQ spread featuring John Slattery. I’ve actually been more interested in the show’s portrayal of office culture, in its gin-soaked, sexist glory. Now I can’t exactly engage in sexism as I’ve been raised in a household that features generations of strong and awesome Indian women (I love you mom), and more importantly I would probably screw it up and end up sounding like an idiot. So that leaves being gin-soaked or to put it simply, integrating libatious activity aka drinking into the work day. I could try spending the entire day nipping at a flask, but that’s too clandestine and reeks of alcoholism and not to mention whiskey; and drinking openly would be frowned upon and would play havoc with my sterile technique. Sure, there’s the ever popular happy hour, but that’s a cop out because it takes place after the work day has ended. That leaves the three-martini lunch as the only reasonable option.


For those of you not familiar with three-martini lunches, they are leisurely and indulgent affairs over which business is conducted, therefore any and all alcohol consumed is covered as a business expense. This is now considered an anachronism unfortunately. I admit that I don’t have a particularly good reason for a three-martini lunch other than as an homage to my favorite show and to engage in some indulgent behavior. Considering that we’re in the middle of NY Restaurant Week, this may be the perfect time for taking a few hours off in the middle of your busy work day and throw back some silver bullets.

Silver Bullet

6 oz Gin
1 drop Vermouth

Shake all liquid ingredients with ice in cocktail shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass and add garnish, I generally prefer three olives.

Note: I know that we’re in the middle of tough economic times and many of you may be brown-bagging your lunches. Do not worry my friends, I have the solution. Behold the martini lunchbox:


Now you and a colleague can enjoy a peaceful three-martini lunch from the comfort of your break room. This beautiful contraption can be purchased from Bisou.
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About Dapper Alchemist

The Dapper Alchemist is an amalgam of my interests in science, design and (men's) fashion.


  1. That lunch box is amazing! I wish we would’ve had it for our Mad Men feature on Valet. Love the site. Keep up the good work.


  2. dapperalchemist


    Thanks for reading. I just read your post on Mad Men, it’s fantastic.


  3. Good day,

    I’m interested in the Bisou martini lunch box (bulk purchase) but the link is no longer valid and a search of their site is blank. I would be most grateful if you could provide me with the name of the manufacturer, if you know of course.

    Kind regards,


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