From G’s to Gents: Buckle Down or Bottoms Up


Update: MTV’s Overdrive finally posted the fourth episode, watch here.

(Episode 4) Before I move onto the review I must comment on Fonzworth Bentley’s suit. It’s rare that we see a man suited in glen plaid and Mr. Bentley pulls it off with aplomb.

I have a mixed feelings about this episode. Sure we’re seeing some changes in these contestants, however not all of these changes are really all that positive. It’s like you can take the G out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the G. I think the main problem is that most of the lessons being taught to the Gs are done in the controlled environment of the mansion. Hell, the only time that the Gs have gone out of the house to practice their lessons was in the last episode. Needless to say I’m a bit disheartened with the progress of this program.

Today’s episode is about business savvy, an important skill for any gentleman-in-training. Business savvy should be a skill that the Gs have in their repertoire. Savvy’s just the bougie way of getting your hustle on. Alas, my hopes are dashed, when the Gs are told they have to write their résumés, most of the Gs are out of their depth. T-Jones pretty much gives up and proceeds to eat wings; lazy is as lazy does I suppose.


The Gs show up to the conference room in their finest polos and wife beaters. This is very disappointing to both me and Mr. Bentley. By now the contestants should know that they need to dress to impress for their challenges. Sean Yasbeck, the winner of The Apprentice Season 5, is brought in to teach these men about the business world and to conduct mock interviews with them. The mock interviews are ridiculously hilarious, the Gs really don’t know what their talking about and fail miserably. Cee, for all his self-proclaimed conning ability, falls flat on his face. The only contestant who has success is Kesan, he actually has a résumé prepared and seems to know what he’s talking about. But of course E6 has to hate on Kesan, I really don’t understand their beef.

The Gs are then told to prepare for their next challenge, luckily they heed Mr. Bentley’s earlier warning about not dressing well and proceed to don their finest vestments. They meet up with Fonzworth and up-and-coming artists the Thundercatz at a recording studio. The Gs are quickly split up into three teams and are told they need to put together a marketing promotion for the Thunderkatz that they need to present to Irv Gotti, CEO of The Inc. I think a bit of background should be given on the Thunderkatz, they’ve been signed to Irv Gotti’s label since last April. So one would think that Irv should have some sort of marketing plan for their group already. You know what they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, a reality TV contestant probably has the answer.”


A long night of planning follows and we’re treated to how well the Gs deal with putting together their marketing plans and more importantly how well they’re able to collaborate. Kesan’s previous experience in the music industry comes in handy. T-Jones is up to his antics and ends up drinking the night away. Shaun, on the other hand, ends up focusing on a local, South Beach oriented, marketing strategy. We will soon see how their respective approaches appeal to Irv Gotti.

The next morning the contestants convene in the recording studio to present their marketing campaigns. We start of with Cee’s team, considering how smooth this gentleman from Jersey is, he shouldn’t have a problem talking with a bigwig like Mr. Gotti. Oh, but that assumption is most incorrect, Irv calls Cee out on being a bullshitter and their campaign or lack thereof is a failure. Shaun et al. give their spiel on a Miami-based strategy for the Catz, but Irv, being the big shot that he is, wants the world. Irv Gotti’s kind of a brat, he claims that he’s “Kind of a big deal.” I immediately have to call Irv out on this one, he really has never been that big of a deal, considering that The Inc. is and always has been a second rate label with at best, mediocre talent.


Anyway, Irv is none too pleased with the current state of events. Thankfully Kesan steps up to the plate with a marketing plan that actually makes sense. Everything goes swimmingly until E6 decides to takes this opportunity to drop some of his whack rhymes in front of Irv. Looks like E6’s rap career is a non-starter. Needless to say Kesan’s team ends up winning the challenge. Elimination ends up being an interesting affair, Cee, Stan, Shaun and T-Jones all end up getting black balls. Obviously I don’t want to ruin the ending, but I can say that I don’t agree with Fonzworth’s decision.

I would generally now point you to the link for watching the latest episode online, but MTV hasn’t posted it yet for some reason. I can however point you to Fonzworth’s Swagger Assessment.


Cee is starting to become a much deeper and complex character. I like this development, as it makes him easier to relate to.

Stan is the new character to forget. I can barely remember what he did in this episode.

The Thundercatz are one of the worst groups I’ve ever heard and I love how they consider themselves unique and anti-pop music. They sound exactly like Gym Class Heroes or one of the many rap-rock-pop hybrid bands that are out there.
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