Sharp Beats: The National Anthem

I was watching the Olympics today when a Nike commercial came on that featured Marvin Gaye’s awesome rendition of the national anthem. I think this performance is worth sharing, enjoy!


About Dapper Alchemist

The Dapper Alchemist is an amalgam of my interests in science, design and (men's) fashion.


  1. Stuffy White Man

    His pocket square needs an adjustment.

    Now Ted Danson, that’s a motherf*cker who could sport a pocket square.

  2. dapperalchemist

    I must disagree with your comment on all accounts sir. Ted Danson cannot hold a candle to Marvin Gaye in any way, shape or form.

  3. Jesus H. Christ! That song has NEVER been sung before! Thank you. We really lost someone when we lost Marvin Gaye.

  4. Linda

    Yes, very nice. But I have four words to say: Whitney Houston. Martina McBride.

  5. dapperalchemist

    Whitney and Martina are amazing singers, but they don’t hold a candle to Marvin. Marvin reinvented the National Anthem and made it his own. The same cannot be said for either Whitney or Martina.

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