From G’s to Gents: Real Talk, Seriously Speaking


(Episode 6) With Kesan out of the house, the boys take some time to enjoy themselves. Did I see T-Jones do a double-reverse backflip into the pool? Sorry, I’ve clearly been watching too much of the Olympic diving competition. We’re treated to a tender moment when Cee is talking to his ex Gina about becoming a changed man and a better father. I’m tearing up Cee, I really am. The Gs soon find out that their next challenge concerns using one’s words instead of violence. They’re introduced to their workshop moderator, Chante Griffin, a former Miss Teen of America and current speaking coach. Now I’m not aware of the Miss Teen of America competition, but it does exist and I can only assume that it’s a bootleg version of the Miss Teen America competition; sorry Ms. Griffin, you’re just not that pretty. Chante leads the men in “The Art of Eloquence,” which includes using proper grammar and diction, expanding your vocabulary, being able to speak on any subject and supporting your opinions. This is all well and good, but Ms. Griffin doesn’t do a very good job in leading the session. She just trolls out concepts, such as my personal favorite G-checking and hater blockers, and expects the Gs to define them in “proper” English. At no point does she teach these men how to effectively communicate.


Mr. Bentley informs the gentleman that they will be attending an art gallery where they’ll be tested on their conversation skills. Unlike previous challenges the Gs will be choosing their own teams. Cee immediately starts putting together his A-Team, which consists of E6, Shotta and T-Jones; sounds like a pretty solid team. That leaves Shaun, D-Boy, Stan and Creepa as the other team. This actually sounds like a better team, Shaun’s a natural speaker. The stakes for this challenge are pretty high, as the winning team gets automatic immunity. Once the gentleman arrive at the art gallery they’re introduced to their judges, former Miss USA, Susie Castillo, author of 101 Things I Don’t Know About Art, Michael Napoliello Jr. and winner of a fake beauty pageant, Chante Griffin. Fonzworth breaks the challenge down into terms that the Gs can understand, this is a conversation battle which is akin to rap battle. Rap battles, as I understand them, occur, on average, every five second in the hood. The battles will encompass the Gs opinions about art.

D-Boy’s team gets off to a strong start and things are looking good for them. T-Jones is too nervous and Cee can’t talk his way out of having a conversation, which is confusing. It all turns around when Cee’s team realizes that Creepa is D-Boy’s team’s weakest link. After two head-to-head battles with Creepa, Cee’s team pulls even. The funniest moment comes when E6 and Creepa have to discuss a painting that depicts two men kissing. This subject is out of both of their comfort zones. The last battle pits D-Boy against T-Jones. D-Boy is supremely confident because he thinks that T-Jones is a “stupid motherfucker.” Oh dear! T-Jones surprises everyone, especially himself, when he pulls out the victory. Good on you, T-Jones! It seems that winning this challenge not only gets Cee’s team immunity, but also a night on the town at Shag courtesy of Mr. Bentley himself.


The rest of the episode plays out like a muddled mess. Cee ends up kissing a girl at Shag and feels guilty about it. D-Boy is pissed that he lost and drops the N-bomb. Shaun suddenly feels that he doesn’t need the competition and appoints himself martyr of the house. Stan, poor misunderstood Stan, continues his misogynistic ways as he breaks out into a tirade about how women need to be controlled and about how he’s accumulated wealth based solely on his body. The dumbest move of this episode goes to D-Boy, who actually thinks that he can out con Cee, the self-professed con artist. It seems that the Detroit public school system has failed again.

I’m fairly disappointed with the so-called progress of the Gs, most of them haven’t really changed; they are not the gentleman they purport to be. So the ultimate question becomes, is this show’s concept getting fulfilled? Are these Gs learning to better themselves? I would say the answer is both yes and no. The change in some of the contestants is fairly obvious as in the case of Cee, Shotta and T-Jones. However, this leaves most of the Gs unchanged or unwilling to change. I’m hoping that a deserving candidate ends up winning the show.


Mr. Bentley does not take too kindly to the N-word, “It’s not funny and it’s not cute.” I for one agree, especially considering that’s what the Brits called us brown folk during colonial times.

Creepa seems to be skating by, perhaps his hater blockers are more effective than one would think.

T-Jones admits that he thought conversate was a real word. It’s okay, we all learn something new everyday.
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