After seeing some horrendous product design on Gizmodo inspired by parts of the female form, I’ve been on the look out for good bio-inspired design. Luckily the team at Pure Austrian Design has pointed me towards Renate Hattinger‘s Human Interior collection. The pieces from this collection are ceramic containers modeled after the two most important organs of the body, the heart and the brain. Renate describes his work below:

The invisible inside becomes visible and gets a concrete emotional meaning by careful processing and refinement of the object’s surface. The objects are not only to be admired on pedestals and in showcases but to be used and filled. This perhaps allows an irreverent, but hopefully humorous usage of my creations.

I consider these containers to be very tongue-in-cheek, but they also convey the beauty of the human form that isn’t readily seen. I’ll probably be using the brain during Halloween to hold Gummi worms.


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The Dapper Alchemist is an amalgam of my interests in science, design and (men's) fashion.

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