Wearing your heart on your sleeves

Oh Flickr, why is it that whenever I’m looking for something, you seem to have the answer? While browsing through their vast database I came across the work of autumnomatopoeia designs, a company whose name reminds me of Cap’n Jazz’s Analphabetapolothology. Autumn, the Richmond-based designer behind automnomatopoeia, is quite talented at turning everyday objects into very cute jewelry pieces, but I like her organ-influenced work the best. She translates the shape and form of organs like the liver and stomach into pieces that are both adorable and educational. Autumn’s liver pouch is an especially inspired design, as it not only incorporates the general shape of the liver, but also outlines the various lobes of this organ and highlights the gall bladder with really cute lime green buttons. I’m a sucker for anything made out of felt and for biology, so that definitely makes me biased. But how often can you honestly buy an object that’s both cute and that you can learn from?

For more of autumnomatopoeia design’s work check out her flickr stream, her blog and of course her etsy store.


About Dapper Alchemist

The Dapper Alchemist is an amalgam of my interests in science, design and (men's) fashion.

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