Chemically Inspired

Apthecary Jar

I’ve spent my fair share of time hunched over vials of acids and bases, concocting acetaminophen and watching chemical reactions explode. There’s definitely a part of me that regrets not pursuing chemistry, not so much for the science, but because of the glassware. Soxhlet extractors, Friedrich condenders and even commonplace Erlenmeyer flasks are gorgeous pieces of craftsmanship that I’ve had both the pleasure to use and break, sorry Ms. Riley. So It definitely pleases to me to see more chemistry- or lab-inspired pieces available for the general public.

I recently visited the DWR: Tools for Living in SoHo where I picked up the Lexon-designed Give and Take Business Card Holder and a set of Nava Notes. I wish I had more time, so that I could properly examine their kitchenware. I managed to see their fantastic Apothecary Jars (pictured above), which come in both clear glass and more appropriate brown glass. I can imagine these bottles holding tinctures, salves and tonics that were once used to “cure” a myriad of conditions. I still swear by Dr. Smith’s Vital Tonic, it cures diabetes, regrows hair and reverses impotence. The Cocktail Chemistry Set, shown below, is a more tongue-in-cheek homage to chemistry class. I would replace the test tubes with beakers.

Cocktail Chemistry Set

Of course there’s nothing to stop you from using real labware in your home; I use beakers as barware. American Science & Surplus is a great source for reasonably priced glassware, and features some killer web design. Empiric, based out of LA, is also a great source of vintage science objects.


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The Dapper Alchemist is an amalgam of my interests in science, design and (men's) fashion.

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