From G’s to Gents: Ladies Night at the Club


(Episode 5) This episode is about three things: chivalry, how not to objectify and gallantry. But that’s only on the surface, we’re treated to more G-checking, partial dude nudity and a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment. All right so lets dive into the episode. Frederick informs the Gs that todays challenge concerns how to treat a lady. Their first stop is obviously a strip club. So the Gs are going from the Gentleman’s Club to the gentleman’s club, how deliciously funny. Will these gentleman-in-training be able to maintain their chivalrous behavior in front of the scrippas?

Before I go into the Gs adventures in chivalry, I have to praise Mr. Bentley on his sartorial choices. He’s probably the sharpest looking dude ever to grace Skin. The men act like dudes just released from prison when the first two ladies step out and start doing their thing. I can’t really blame them, they haven’t had any contact with the fairer sex since the beginning of the series. The third lady to grace the stage is none other than Candace Mckenzie, author of Be a Dating Dahling. Candace tries to play stripper, but it’s not very convincing and I’m glad she’s sticking to her day job as a dating coach.


Candace begins her lesson by asking the Gs to define chivalry. I think Creepa has the best response, “Being a Captain Kirk, in other words, right?” Candace does question his response, however his definition gets my full support. Captain Kirk is the most chivalrous man on the planet and in the cosmos, how many people can make that claim? Anyway, Ms. Mckenzie continues her lesson by defining the Acts of Chivalry in a handy-dandy poster, which include not objectifying either a lady or yourself, respect, conversation and gallantry. I like that the Gs are actually taking notes during the lesson, it shows that they’re serious. Candace then calls for some volunteers to engage in some role-playing, no not that kind of role-playing. Shaun, the self-professed pretty boy, steps up to the plate to demonstrate his understanding of personal space. Of course he accomplishes his task with aplomb. T-Jones and Kesan then participate in a mock date with one of the dancers, Anne Marie. Kesan proves that he’s a smooth dude, but poor T-Jones gets some much-needed help from Candance on how to properly talk with a woman.


When Stan is called on stage things get a little weird. It was revealed a few episodes ago that Stan used to be a male stripper and apparently once you’re a stripper, you’re always a stripper. Stan starts doing his stripper routine on the stage. This is neither the time nor the place for such behavior Stan. Fonzworth says the funniest line of the episode in response to this outburst, “I don’t want to see no salami.” Amen, Mr. Bentley, amen. Stan has trust issues with women because he constantly sees married, or about to be married women coming into the club to pay for sex. Fonzworth lays out the problem pretty eloquently, “Stan needs to learn how to not objectify women, but… he’s also steadily objectifying himself.”

With the lesson over, the men are told that they’re going to be hosting a party for Danity Kane back at the house. Shane takes charge and gets everybody else to do the work. Now that’s what I call a manager. While the Gs may think that this is fan appreciation party, it’s really test of their chivalry. Let the games begin! Once the fans arrive, Kesan immediately tries to set himself apart by finding the oldest lady of the group and acting chivalrous. The lessons learned earlier in the day were not lost on him, but did nobody teach him that people don’t like the brown-noser? Stan and T-Jones both realize that they have something to prove in this challenge, considering their poor performances in the past. It’s their contrasting trajectories that strikes me as funny. T-Jones is not very smooth with women, yet he makes a concerted effort and actually succeeds in being quite chivalrous. Stan, on the other hand, is around women a lot and starts off well, but he falls on his old patterns rather quickly. Before you know it women are taking body shots off of him, chivalry doesn’t seem to be in his repertoire.


While most of the Gs are focused on the fans, E6 pays attention to the non-gentlemanly behaviors of the rest of the contestants. When did E6 make his transition to a tattle tale? The rest of the evening proceeds quite well, with the exception of the drunk fans demanding the appearance of Danity Kane. Once they arrive, all is well, or so we’re led to believe. In walks Mr. Bentley sporting an ascot to inform the Gs that the entire party has been a test, and that the fans and Danity Kane are going to rate them on their chivalry. Stan looks like he’s about to shit a brick. Most of the coments are pretty positive with Cee, T-Jones and Shotta garnering the most glowing reviews. The men are called back in and T-Jones is announced as the winner. What a turn around T-Jones, you can count me impressed. I appreciate his prize, a pocket square, which T-Jones correctly identifies.


The men retire to their quarters after their rather successful party. Everything is relatively peaceful, Creepa leaves a somewhat crass message to the lady that he met at the event and Kesan proceeds to talk to his girlfriend, for about an hour. Now I’ve been an ardent supporter of Kesan, but being on the phone for an hour is discourteous. There’s only one phone in the house and you were having one of the most annoying conversations recorded in recent memory. This is why I’m glad Creepa proceeded to G-check Kesan. Kesan, being the hothead he is, took it the wrong way. So Mr. Hyde reveals himself, Kesan pretty much goes bat-shit crazy. While everyone else is sleeping, Kesan stays up and plots revenge. The next morning he proceeds to creep the rest of the Gs out. Oh Kesan, how the mighty have fallen. The rest of the contestants hold a meeting with Mr. Bentley to express their concerns about Kesan and to get him kicked out of the house. Mr. Bentley holds audience with Kesan to give him an opportunity to explain his actions. It seems that Fonzworth may have a conundrum on his hands, Kesan has made a lot of progress but is his anger a liability? I encourage you to watch the episode to find out the result.

Check Overdrive for the latest episode. For Fonzworth’s opinion on this episode watch his Swagger Assessment.


When did they start subtitling Creepa’s segments of the show? I don’t know if it’s necessary.

Shotta is the sleeper contestant, who I think might win the whole competition.

E6 needs notoriety of his own accord, right now he’s simply a hater.
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  1. rachel

    why r u watchin these stupid things

  2. The Dapper Alchemist

    That is a fair question. I watched the show because I thought that it was a novel take on the makeover program.

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